Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Review of Fetch Alternative!

I've got more pics than usual for you, so pay attention. There is some cute clothes from Fetch Alternative that I want to show. The designers are Vanessa Cardway and Matteus Boa. I was lucky enough to score a pair of jeans that aren't even out yet, and I practically live in jeans, so I am a happy girl!
First up is Female Dark Blue Rippes Jeans. They come in dark blue, black, reddish and blue. They all cost 150 L and are mod/trans. I love clothes that are mod and trans! I'd take mod over trans any day, but both are great for us fashionistas that love to mix n match with our friends.
Second and third are Grey Belt Skirt and Green/Red Plaid Skirt. All skirts by Fetch Alternative cost 120 L. Currently there are 5 singles on sale but are skirts in all full outfits and they are all mod/trans and fit most shapes perfectly. Due to their popularity, Vanessa said she would be adding more shortly.
Last is that pair of jeans I got before being officially released! Female Obscure Flowery Jeans.This isnt on sale yet but will be next week probably. It will also be mod/trans. They are planning to come out with: female bloody graffitti jeans and female paint splatter jeans in the next week or so along with this pair. These will all be 150 L as well.
The store opened in August, it was mainly outfits and skirts. Vanessa just started the jeans line recently. Matteus does mainly the accessories, tattoos and store layout while she focuses on the clothes.

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