Friday, March 09, 2007

Accessories by Eolande

Yay! I got my second batch of review goodies today, so I had to tell you about them as soon as I could! I got 4 hair accesories from Eolande Elvehjem, and tried them on
I love my hair, and what goes better with hair than pretty hair accessories?

This first one is called "Elvehjem Star Hair Stick Silver & Peridot". I stuck in a big updo I got from ETD, which is coincidentally reccomended by Eolande, as its the hair store she uses most often and builds her accessories for. It gives just enough for this big hairdo, so it would look fabulous with something smaller, or even a ponytail. This beauty is just 100L.

On to something more exotic, the "Hibiscus Hair Stick" in first blush. I love the color of the flower and the shape and size are just right. Tucked behind my ear, it transformed the same hair into something new. It's only 75L, and is definately worth it.

Then there was a pair of cute barrettes, reminding me of something I would have worn as a child, but still something that would fit in with a lot of my SL outfits. The "Punky Pink Star Barrette" set (yes, 2) are placed equally on each side already, but I prefered to wear only one and move it up a bit. The barrettes are sold for 50L for a pair, or 9 pairs for 350L.

The last treat I have to show you is the "Sapphire and Blue Topaz Hair Stick" set, which is sort of like those chinese chopsticks, when they are worn together. I stuck them in a blonde ponytail sort of style, and I loved how the colors worked together. These are just 50L and could complete a variety of outfits.

There was a notecard from Eolande that said she was starting to add jewelry to her boutique, along with more and more hair accessories. I went there to check out the prices for these accessories and take a look around. There are so many nice things, and all of them are really well made. Also, at those prices, it's hard not to snap up a bunch. You can take a look for yourself at Accessories by Eolande:

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